Rank Tracking & SEO Reporting Suite

The easy way to track your rankings...

Google tools integration

Connect your Ranking suite to your Google Analytics, Search Console and AdWords Keyword Planner accounts and get the full range of data on your keyword performance.

SEO Reporting

The CMS Wales Ranking Suite is optimised for International SEO, it supports special characters in keywords, and gathers ranking data for over 130 countries and for any search engine.

Tracking your results!

Our cloud-based Rank Tracking System allows you to login whenever you wish to view your SEO/Ranking progress, from any of your devices with an internet connection.

Easy Rank Tracking On all your devices

Get fresh, up to date rankings at your fingertips.

Your Ranking Suite takes over the workload, so you can spend less time tracking and more time optimising your website.

  • Simple Setup
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • 100% mobile friendly
Easy Rank Tracking Online

Support for international markets

Target International markets

Get accurate international search marketing data you can rely on.

  • Results from 130+ countries
  • Custom Google Location
  • Special characters in keywords

Get tracking data on your competitors

Pay close attention to your local and global competitors.

CMS Wales Rank Tracking gives you powerful insights on what it takes to stay competitive in your line of business, for the keywords you choose to target.

  • Discover your top competitors in the SERPs
  • Compare all websites side-by-side
  • Track rankings performance over time
Reliable competitor rank tracking

Accurate local rankings

Accurate local rankings

Tired of guessing where your local business landed in the SERP?

Use your CMS Wales Rank Tracking Reports to get targeted local rankings with pinpoint accuracy and turn your rank tracking into your most reliable source of marketing data for your business.

  • City-level ranking data
  • Local / Maps results
  • Places listings

Universal search rankings

Image and videos are a great way to grab the visitor's attention.

Start tracking your universal search entries to get a rigorous evaluation of your website's presence in the search engines.

  • Identify your best performing content
  • Compare results with your competitors
  • Get data from international Google domains
Universal search rankings

Mobile search tracking

Mobile search tracking

Mobile devices now represent an ever increasing percentage of the searches made on search engines. Track the searches made by mobile devices.

CMS Wales offers keyword rankings from mobile search engines.

  • Mobile user agents
  • Local results for Mobile
  • Data from multiple Search Engines

YouTube search data

Enhance your ranking reports with data from the second largest search engine and find out how well your video promotion campaigns are performing in YouTube Search.

  • Track your keyword positions on YouTube
  • Compare video rankings with your competitors
  • Track video URLs on other search engines
YouTube search results

Metrics from 5 different Social platforms

Social Metrics from 5 different platforms

CMS Wales Rank Tracking monitors your shares from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest to give you a better understanding of the actual impact your social media activity has on your business.

  • Track the evolution of social shares over time
  • Get detailed stats displayed in easy to understand charts
  • Get your social data refreshed automatically

Facebook and Twitter integration

Sync all your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts with CMS Wales Rank Tracking to discover how well your online business manages to engage with your fans and followers.

  • Unlimited Facebook pages
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts
  • Real time updates
Facebook and Twitter integration

Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics integration

Traffic coming to your website is the best indicator of an effective SEO campaign.

CMS Wales Rank Tracking combines traffic statistics with rank tracking data, so you can easily associate your SEO efforts with your actual traffic performance.

  • Measure the revenue generated by each traffic source
  • Correlate traffic with visibility score and other rank metrics
  • See traffic data in your ranking reports

Google Webmaster Tools integration

Compare the estimated search volume of a keyword with the number of clicks the term actually receives to discover which keywords are worth focusing your SEO efforts on.

  • Identify the keywords with biggest traffic returns
  • See exactly where you rank for each keyword
  • Visualise keywords performance over time
Google Webmaster Tools integration

See the results...

Monitor the search engine positions for all your key phrases

actual results
Actual screenshot

Incredible marketing power at your fingertips

Obviously we don't expect you to believe just how powerful our system is without some proof...

During testing of our new SEO Ranking system we got all our important key phrases into either number 1 or 2 spots in Google (in some cases BOTH 1 & 2)

  • Accurately measure the position of any of your key phrases
  • Gain insights into the phrases that do well for your competitiors
  • Get suggestions for key phrases your business website should be targeting

All this for just £30 per month


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