Web Promotion Step by Step eBook

Promotion e-Book

No Sales? All Spam?

So disappointing! - instead of receiving lots of orders all you got was a flood of spam...

When your site was finally finished and put online I expect that you thought you had done the real hard work and sales orders would soon come flooding in.

You expected that all you had to do now was submit the site to Google and wait for the flood of visitors eager to spend their cash on your products. But days, weeks and months passed without the hoped for orders!


While designing, populating and finishing your website was indeed hard work, it was actually only the start…

Without good, ongoing website promotion you are never going to gain the visitor traffic in numbers large enough to generate sales, and website promotion is indeed an ongoing process.

While you will possibly have had phone calls and emails offering website promotion services - and been shocked at the prices quoted, I am going to show you that web promotion is not in fact some “dark art” practiced only by a few “wizards” from within dungeons dark and deep. In fact web promotion is something that anyone can do, easily and cheaply, once they know the steps to take.

This E-Book lays out the steps you need to take in order to make your website REALLY work for you - instead of against you. It will teach you how you can make your website and hosting automatically take care of 90% the mail your website generates - freeing you up so you can actually have some time to promote your site.

Each step will take you through the processes, in order, required to make your site a magnet for anyone searching for the key phrases that matter to your business.

Also included is a section offering absolute proof that the methods outlined in this book really do work - and work very well.

So get started today on the road to making your website not only take some of the load off your shoulders, but also start to attract the customers your business needs. 

You can buy the Web Promotion Step by Step eBook for £4.99 here:


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