launched a new website?

You get no orders for a while and start to hear friends & colleagues whispering about "SEO"...

What went wrong?

Once you contact a few "SEO Experts" you found on the internet, via email of via phone, you will soon be deluged with dozens of offers to "fix" your website for you. All these offers will be termed in techno-speak and allude to it all being some kind of magic that only these companies can provide. They will also start talking prices - and this is where you get a bit of a shock!

You've already blown the budget having the new website designed - now these people are telling you that you need to lose an arm and a leg to pay them to "fix" it... this is the sort of thing bad dreams are made of!

Well, relax...

I have been promoting websites since I started designing and hosting them in 1995 and I know all the tricks that these rogue "SEO Companies" will try and pull in order to part you from your cash.

BUT - I also know the methods that actually work - and I am going to lay them out for you in this E-Book.

First I will tell you what scams and pitfalls to watch out for and avoid. Then I will tell you how you can actually do SEO yourself, easily and quickly and without having to pay anyone for "fixing" your website.

And that's not all - at the end of the book I will show you absolute proof that it works!

So don't panic, help is at hand.

You can buy The SEO DIY Manual eBook for only £4.99 here:


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