Technical Support

Technical Support


In the unlikely event something goes wrong we provide free 24/7 Technical Support to all our clients.

tech support

Our Technical Support is available from the Support Ticket system in the Client Area at Technical Support is for the hosted clients of CMS Wales only, no technical support will be provided to users of any other hosting services.

Hosting technical support covers only the availability of the site and email facilities upon our servers. All other aspects will be charged at our standard rate of £20 per hour.

The following issues are specifically not included in technical support:

  • DNS issues caused by domain names hosted by third parties
  • DNS issues caused by local telephone exchange issues
  • Connection to specific client networks
  • Connection to website browsers other than the standard development platform
  • Issues with site functionality (which are covered under Terms & Conditions)
  • Issues with software on client computers, networks or devices
  • Website Updates or Upgrades
  • Website Admin Training Requests for sites older than 12 months (After 12 months any requested admin training will be charged at our normal hourly rate)
  • Website repairs due to user error

Before Contacting Us - Gather the Right Information

To receive the best possible support, it is beneficial to have all the necessary information prior to contacting us.

  • CP (Control Panel) username or the primary domain listed on the account
  • Account Verification such as any recent transactions on your account or your CP password.

Gathering specific information can help us gain some insight into the issues you need help resolving. To do so here's a basic guide of what information we're looking for:

  • Your domain name
  • Your current IP Address - get this from 
  • A description of the problem
  • History of the problem
  • Any error messages you are receiving
  • Detailed steps we can take to replicate the problem.

Checks to make before contacting suppoprt:

If you cannot see your website or our website, but can see others such as BBC and Facebook etc., then you may have had your IP address temporarily blocked by our systems. This can happen if you have several failed login attempts in a short period if time. Temporary IP blocks are lifted automatically after 1 hour of the last failed login attempt, so if you believe this to be the case, simply wait at least one hour then try again. If you are still blocked after a full hour then please get in touch with your IP address so we can unblock your IP.

Non-Technical Support Services

Support for all issues that are not directly related to the availability of the sites and email facilities upon our servers are deemed Non-Technical Support and are billed at our normal business rates.

During Office hours:
Normal office hours apply Monday to Friday 8am until 6pm, Saturday 9am to 12pm, Sunday closed. These are the scheduled working days and hours of work. Hours outside of these times are defined as 'Out Of Hours'.

Out of hours:
Is available to customers who at their request require urgent work to be done over a weekend (Saturdays or Sundays) or outside of the normal office hours of Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Such overtime is charged at an ‘Out of hours rate’ - See Hourly rate (Out of Hours).

Priority request:
Priority requests are available to customers who require urgent work that needs to take priority over previously scheduled work. Such requests are charged at a ‘priority request rate’ - See Hourly rate (Priority request). The number of available priority requests per working week / month are limited in number.


  • Complimentary consultations for prospects / new customers.
  • Pre-scheduled meetings that were quoted for or included in a project quote.
  • Materials required or supplied as part of the call out will be charged separately.

Hourly rate (Standard):
The current hourly rate for all work is £20 per hour. Consecutive hours are charged at the same rate; such consecutive hours are subject to a 10% time allowance wavier before becoming chargeable.

Hourly rate (Priority request):
Is charged at time and a half per hour. = £Hourly rate + 50% of hourly rate, per hour. = £30 per hour.

Hourly rate (Out of hours):
Is charged at double time per hour. = £Hourly rate + 100% of hourly rate, per hour. = £40 per hour. Out of hours are any hours outside normal office hours.

Non-Technical Support minimum charges:

The minimum charge for any non-technical support work is 1 (one) hour at the current hourly rate of £20. Therefore even very small updates will be charged at £20 - unless the client has a CMSW 'Website Management Plan' on their account which allows numerous updates per month for a fixed monthly fee:

View Website Management Plans


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