Hacked Site Recovery

Hacked Site Help

Hacking is common.

We lock down the site clean compromised files, then secure the site against future hack attempts.

If your website has been hacked we can help...

Most hacks are due to compromised FTP credentials, insecure web hosts (very common on cheap hosting services), vulnerable extensions/plugins (often because they are out of date), weak passwords or outdated installations - all Joomla installations before version 3.8.1 and WordPress installations before 4.8.2, have exploitable vulnerabilities.

Code installed by hackers can have many different guises and purposes, from inserting hidden spam links in the site pages, creating fake shopping scam pages, redirecting your visitors to another website and attempting to install malware on the computers of your visitors to help spread the malware further.

The infected files can be hidden in many places, such as in files, extensions, templates, or even the database.

Cleaning and securing a hacked website can take many hours. If the website is running on an old (not current) version then we will advise you to have a new, clean, secure website built, using the text/images from your old site as a starting point, because old versions will have reached "end of life" and can never therefore be considered "secure" because security patches for those old versions are no longer produced.

Otherwise, we will upgrade the site to the latest version, following the proper upgrade procedures. If any of your extensions are out of date we will also update them (for commercial components and plugins this may mean you will need to buy new licenses or renew your current license agreements with the vendors).

Once we have your website cleaned, secured and updated we will then move your site to our secure hosting servers so we can monitor and guard it against future hacks 24/7/365.

The security systems we use on our servers include Malware Scanning and Removal, Web Application Firewall, Active Anti-Malware System, Vulnerability Scanning, Modified Files Scanning, in-Depth Virus Detection, Joomla and Wordpress Core Files Scanning, Scheduled in-depth virus scanning, Website Backup, Brute Force Attack Defence, Administrator Login Page Protection, IP Monitoring, IP Blocking for repeat hacking attempts from the same IP address, Hack and DDOS Attack Reporting, Anti-Spammer Features to block known spammers from abusing your website forms, Remote File Inclusion Blocking, Javascript Injection Blocking, Cross-Site Scripting Blocking, SQL Injection Blocking, Illegal Resource Access Prevention and much more besides...

If your website was hacked due to poor (or no) security at your web hosting provider, which is very common with cheap hosting services because they do not pay out for the security systems used by world class hosting providers such as CMS Wales, we will move your newly cleaned and secured website to our secure hosting environment as part of the service.

If your website has been blocked or blacklisted because it was dishing up malware due to the hack, then we will help you get the documentation submitted to Google, Bing or the anti-spammer blacklists to request removal and get your web presence back to normal.

The cost of this service varies according to the level of infection - but as a rough guide you should budget:

£300 for a website running on the current (latest) version of Joomla or WordPress.
(If you had not updated to the latest version this is likely the reason you got hacked, hackers love outdated websites - so for earlier versions please ask)

Payment is due in 2 stages:

  • 50% Deposit before work commences.
  • 50% Final Payment once the cleaned site is published (we will hand over Super Administrator Access once final payment is made and cleared).

We accept payment by Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal in GB Pounds, US Dollars or Euros (please specify your preference when ordering).


Has your Joomla site been hacked? Need Need Help?