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In todays world, with 65% of all Google searches coming from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones it is also now very important to make sure your website is "responsive" - i.e. it resizes itself according to the size of the screen it is displayed on. CMS Wales now only builds responsive websites for this reason.

CMS Wales can:

  • Offer you all aspects of web services, from domain name registration to the designing, building, testing and hosting of your finished website.
  • Make your website user friendly, easy to navigate and informative so that your visitors will enjoy their visit and want to return.
  • Make your website fully "responsive" so it resizes itself automatically for tablets and smart phones.
  • Submit your website to the top search engines so it can be found on the Internet.
  • Maintain your website, updating when necessary in order to keep your site up-to-date, giving you the peace of mind necessary to get on with running your business.
  • Train our clients to use their CMS websites effectively so you can run your own website.
  • Help you wherever you are in the world...

Conditions governing the creation of any new CMS website:-

  • The proposed site owner must delegate ONE person to be responsible for approving site design & content and for all contact during the course of the design/build process. (previous jobs that have had to go through endless committee meetings have been completely negative and resulted in sites that have had most of their functionality removed due to committees not being able to agree). Said person must be able to approve/disapprove a design, or suggest improvements, within 24 hours of receiving each draft preview.
  • The site must be finished within the scheduled dates we agree with you when you accept our quote – for average builds this usually involves us providing you with the first draft preview at around day 7-10 – and we require feedback on previews within 48 hours, with the final draft around day 25-28, then site going “live” on day 30.
  • We will not be interested in coming to meetings (in our experience this just bloats the final price) – the nominated contact may come here at anytime, otherwise all contact is by email, phone or Skype (ideal for face-to-face video conferencing and making travelling to meetings pointless at best - we have clients all over the world so we know our methods work well).
  • We will not build support for the old IE6 or IE8 web browsers into any site we build these days – IE6 and IE8 are no longer supported, and make Web 2.0 applications impossible to implement as they do not support the latest Web 2.0 standards (so nominated contact MUST have a recent web browser installed on their machine – latest browsers are IE 11, Chrome 59, Safari 10, Edge 38 and Firefox 54).
  • A 50% deposit must be paid – work does not commence until we have received the initial payment.
  • Invoice for the final 50% must be paid once you have approved the final draft, and before the site goes "live" to the public. (Payments are accepted by Bank Transfer or by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal).
  • All sites we build must be hosted on our server suite – we do not build on other company’s servers – this is due to the myriad of issues we have often faced when we have to deal with technicians that are not in our employ, often holding a job up for weeks on end. This is especially true with cheap hosting services.
  • Any new project has to join the job queue – we do not “bump” anyone up the job queue for any reason, and the job queue is currently 3-5 days.
  • All initial content (images and text) for the new project must be provided before build commences (additional new content provided afterwards can be added through the CMS Admin by the site owner/s, or by ourselves for a fee).
  • Once the site is “live” site owners can request personalised step-by-step illustrated guides to show them how to achieve common tasks in the website Administration area, such as adding a new blog post, or adding a new product to their online store etc. We can also offer one-to-one on-site training for a fee plus travelling expenses (UK only).

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