What is Cloud Hosting?

cloud hostngThe term "Cloud Hosting" is one you will hear if you are looking around at various website hosting packages. But there are only a small number of UK web hosts currently offering this solution, including CMS Wales. Many hosting companies have yet to embrace cloud technologies and still host customer websites on standard shared servers. This has been the norm for decades, but does mean if the shared server your website is hosted on goes down, your website goes down with it.

What is Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud web hosting is hosting that uses the resources of numerous clustered servers. This means your website can use the resources of several servers to accommodate any amount of traffic to your website. This traffic "load" is balanced across the cloud, security is taken care of and hardware resources are always available so they can be used whenever your site needs them. The cluster of servers is called 'The Cloud'.

Should I choose Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the best solution for web sites that have outgrown the limited resources of their existing shared hosting provider. With any shared hosting account, if your web site gets to be very popular and starts to cause a strain on the resources supplied by the shared server your account is hosted on, you may be asked/required by your hosting provider to find another solution. Normally the solution they then offer is dedicated hosting, where your site resides on its own server so its traffic cannot slow down the other sites on the shared server. However, the problem with dedicated hosting is that it is horrendously expensive (often hundreds of pounds per month) and requires that you have a certain level of IT know-how to run your own server. By moving to Cloud Hosting instead, you can have the advantages of dedicated hosting without the expense or hassle of running your own server.

Scalability: Cloud Web Hosting ensures your website can grow!

The big bonus with cloud web hosting is its immediate scalability. If you imagine a group of clouds. Now imagine that your website is being run in these clouds but it suddenly gets busy. You can simply gather more clouds around your site to help support it so your website visitors don't see any degradation of services. Once the extra clouds are no longer needed you can let them blow away. Sites that have seasonal spikes in resource usage can benefit greatly from this immediate scalability.

Example: You run a website that specialises in Christmas Gifts. Of course your website is open all year round but your busy season starts just a few weeks before Christmas, then slows down again in January. So once the holiday season starts you see a huge increase in visitor traffic. In the second week of December your website gets really busy with the seasonal rush, causing a big strain on your shared hosting server as your traffic is now slowing down other sites on the server. Suddenly you find your host has suspended your account and you now have to scramble around trying to get your site back online and running on a new dedicated server.

So you experience downtime at the one time of year you really need to say online. This of course affects your customers, and inded your business reputation, just because your website experiences some heavy traffic. With cloud hosting though, you can increase your site's available resources automatically and immediately, and use what you need, when you need it. When heavy traffic decreases again in January, your site can automatically release those extra resources and run efficiently on only what it needs.

Immediacy: Automatic additional services whenever you need them

When you need additional resources you will normally be far too busy to wait for your hosting provider's customer service to assist you by increasing your bandwidth allocation if needed. If you have a really big spike in resources when on a shared hosting server then you risk having your site suspended for causing degradation in services to other sites on the shared server. Your visitors may experience down time or slowness on your site caused by increased traffic. But with cloud web hosting your website can increase its available resources automatically, immediately, as it need them. This can save you a lot of worry and may even save you from losing some sales because the process is seamless, so the customers on your website will not see any degradation of service speed.

Savings: We don't charge you for needing extra resources, saving you a lot of money

It used to be that when you outgrew your shared hosting environment that your only other option was to move to dedicated hosting. However, this costs a lot of money. For the web site that did not need all the resources available on a dedicated server or did not need them all the time such as in the example above, the money thus spent was wasted on unused services. However, with cloud hosting from CMS Wales there are no charges for using extra resources from the cloud, these resources are there for you, immediately you need them, and are automatically released again when you no longer need them. This can save you a lot of money as your website grows, or if it has seasonal spikes in traffic.

Scalability, immediacy and savings allow you to efficiently run your website in the full knowledge there will be no "extra fees" if your site gets very busy. The resources your site uses can freely grow and shrink according to your needs. You can get what you need, when you need it, and you only pay a fixed monthly hosting fee with no hidden extras or charges. This allows you to concentrate on what you know best - running your website. You won't have to worry about your hosting package as it will cope with any load automatically.

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Our robust Windows platform is backed by a performance-tuned IIS cluster and has been carefully designed to ensure no single point of failure. Our optimised Windows platform is fast, robust and secure. It's the perfect choice for websites reliant on ASP, ASP.NET, MS Access, or MS SQL.



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We’ve crafted an innovative platform that caters to WordPress’s every need. Automatic core WordPress updates, built-in plugin monitoring, and our own exclusive StackCache speed plugin are brought together in one innovative solution to ensure your WordPress website always performs at its best.


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