Does your website have real security?

If your website is now a few years old then it is highly unlikely to have the built-in security updating systems a modern product has as standard. Your system therefore is not secure, nor is it future-proof. At the time you had it built you probably never expected to need to defend it against hackers 24/7/365.

However, hacking is now big business, and every company with a website needs to think seriously about keeping the hackers at bay. While many people simply ignore the risk, thinking that it would not be the end of the world if their website was taken down, they are missing a very serious point that could affect their business reputation so severely it could put them out of business permanently…

I.e. you should not worry so much about what a hacker might TAKE from your website, if they deleted everything and your website has a built-in backup system you could be back up and running in no time…

But you should REALLY worry about what a hacker might ADD to your website…

No matter how good your online reputation is, it could be ruined permanently if your website was hacked and it suddenly started showing porn or fake medication products to your visitors. It is that sort of thing that can ruin a business reputation overnight, especially if you have an online store and deal with customer’s personal data.

All systems we create, using the world leading Joomla CMS as the core of the system, have built-in updating systems. So every time Joomla is updated, which might be a security patch or a new version of the software, the system informs you of the update and it then takes only a few minutes to update the system to the latest version or security release.

The same applies for any commercial components and plugins installed in the site, such as Booking Calendars, Event Managers, FAQ Managers, Newsletter Managers or Online Store Systems. They all require regular updating to ensure their security. (Our website management plans can take care of this for you automatically, leaving you free to get on with running your business)

For this reason all our sites are future-proof. Joomla is currently on version 3.8.0, and when 3.8.1 is released it will need to be updated. When eventually version 4.0 comes out, again it will need updateing. So our clients on website management plans have sites that are always up to date with not only the latest version of the core software, but also with any new security releases.

Because hacking is now so prevalent worldwide we also install Centrora Security into each new Joomla CMS website we create. Centrora protects the site from hackers, DDOS attacks, SQL Injection, malware and much more besides. The system also sends email reports each time a violation occurs, with information of the attack type and the attacker's IP address. We charge a small annual fee for the licensing of the security system, currently £45.00 per year (or available monthly for £4.50 a month).

If you cannot say, hand on heart, that you know your website is fully up to date and protected from hackers with strong security, then perhaps it is time to bite the bullet and look at getting a new, up to date CMS website that will protect your data and your business reputation.

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