Does your website have a built-in backup system?

Any website, and particularly those that use databases to store information, are only as good as their latest backup. i.e. if your site or your server crashes irretrievably, you can only restore it to the state it was in at the point you last took a backup.

For example, if you have spent the last 3 month adding 100 new products or pages to your website and it crashes, but your last backup is 3 months old, then yes you can get the site back online using the backup, but your site then does not include those 100 new products and in effect you have lost 3 months’ work.

All our systems have a “one-click” backup system built-in to the Admin. Taking a backup via the website Admin backs up all files in the web-space AND the database that runs the site. The Admin System also reminds you if your backup is out of date prompting you to take a new one. And being a one-click system it takes no effort to take a backup after every new addition to the website.

So if mine crashed today I could have it back online in less than 5 minutes using my latest backup from yesterday.

Your website is a business asset and as such you need to ensure you have full control over your backups (our systems will also allow you to download your backups to your own computer should you wish to keep an archive). There is no point in relying on your web hosting company to keep backups of your data (most hosting companies do NOT backup user data) - what if, when you really needed a backup archive to get your site back online, your host only told you then that it is not something they ever do and the responsibility was yours all along? Your business web presence has just been destroyed, and with no backups your only alternative in this scenario is to start over from scratch - at great expense.

Not only do we provide one-click backup systems in our websites, we also provide backup systems in our Hosting Control Panels, whereby clients can also take backups of web files, databases and even their mailboxes.

As already stated: A website is only as good as its backups.

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