Twitter Promotion Service that really works

Twitter is a great marketing tool, but to use it effectively you first need followers. Not just ANY old followers either, but followers who have expressed an interest in your industry sector...

Either by using keywords or phrases relevant to your industry in their Twitter Bio or their tweets, or are following companies in the same industry sector as yourself and so are more likely to be interested in your products and/or services..

Our Twitter Promotion Service searches Twitter to find you targeted twitter followers that are relevant to your business.

We run our Twitter Promotion service 7 days a week to grow your Twitter audience so you can increase the reach of your website, elevating your company's authority and generating more interest worldwide.

Every morning, 7 mornings per week we follow these steps:

Retrieve your follower and following lists from Twitter

We then compile a list of every person that has followed you since the last check the day before. We then visit their Twitter account and check their Bio, (if their account has NO Bio, or if it still has the default "twitter egg" profile image, then we block them, as it is likely to be a spam account).

For those left, we then check their last tweet/s (see features table). Then, providing they are not in anyway profane, abusive, rude, pushing unpleasant products, pills or potions etc., we then do them the courtesy of following them back on your account. This is very imporrtant and something we wrote about in a previous blog post here: 

We now compile a list of everyone that has not followed you back within 7 days of us following them with your account. We then un-follow them. This is necessary as Twitter has several "limits" on account following - the 1st being that anyone can follow up to 5,000 accounts (providing they don't try and do it too quickly, which would result in account suspension) and at the point of your account following 5,000 accounts you can not follow anyone else UNLESS you have at least 90% of that number following your account, i.e. until you have 4,500+ followers you cannot follow more than 5,000 accounts. This is why we unfollow those that don't follow back within 7 days - to make room for those that will follow back, and so aim to keep your follower/following ratio within Twitter limits at all times.

Once you have 5,001 followers and above, a whole new "limit" kicks in... from this point onwards your follower/following ratio must always be within 10% - otherwise you are blocked from following anyone else until your ratio is within 10%

Example - if you have 5,000 followers and are following 5,500 accounts, you can't follow any more accounts until you have 5,000+ followers (10% ratio rule).

By working carefully with these limits we are able to get our Twitter Promotion clients into the thousands of followers, some of our clients now have well over 10,000 followers, and some even have over 20,000 followers.

We then use Google to do some searches and, using key phrases from your website, search for several companies or organisations that are using those phrases in their websites. We then open those websites and check if each one has a Twitter Social icon linked to their own Twitter account. For each one that has links to Twitter we then open each of their Twitter accounts. We then choose one that has the most Twitter followers and now go back to Twitter and retrieve a list of their followers (as we know these people DO actively follow others on Twitter that use the phrases we searched for, proven by the fact they have already followed those companies, so there is a very good chance we can then get them to follow you too).

We then follow each of those accounts on your account - and we do this manually, one click at a time, because Twitter will suspend accounts they think are using ANY kind of automation. We also limit the number of follows we do from your account in any single day so we do not get your account suspended by Twitter for "aggressive following", so we follow these rules:

To avoid suspension by Twitter for "aggressive following" (yes they do suspend accounts that follow too many too quickly - the younger the account the easier it is to get suspended) we limit the number of "follows" we do on your account per day by applying these rules:

  • Accounts with less that 2,000 followers - follow up to 50 accounts per day
  • Accounts over 2,000 followers but less than 5,000 followers - follow up to 75 accounts per day
  • Accounts over 5,000 followers but with less than 10,000 followers - follow up to 100 accounts per day
  • Accounts over 10,000 followers - follow up to 150 accounts per day
  • Accounts over 20,000 followers - follow up to 200 accounts per day

So as you can see, the longer your account has been established, the faster we can grow your Twitter Following.

We perform a search & check of ALL of your account's followers, checking for abusive/rude/spammy tweets, abusive/rude/spammy Bio's, default "twitter egg" profile pics, accounts that have been hacked and are now pumping out dozens of spam tweets per days such as the current big round of Twitter spam that goes "Buy 10,000 Twitter Followers Now for only $39" (which is currently affecting thousands of hacked accounts) and un-following, permanently blocking and reporting to Twitter, any such accounts found.

We collect your entire followers list and sort it into reverse order by the date of their last tweets (so the ones that have not tweeted for the longest time are at the top of this list). We then block anyone who has not tweeted for 6 months or longer as these are likely to be "dead" accounts that are no longer managed by their owners. This also helps ensure your followers are "active" accounts rather than "dead" accounts. Performing a "block" instead of an unfollow has the effect of unfollowing them, but also forces their account to unfollow yours - helping keep your ratio healthy.

These last two extra steps help ensure your account followers are not only more targeted towards your own business or organisation, and so even more of a match for your company's target audience, but also that your followers are in fact actively engaged on Twitter.


Twitter Promotion

per month or per year.
  • Creation of a Twitter account for your company, if you don't already have one
  • Daily Promotion
  • Follower Bio Checking, block if no Bio
  • Follower Default twitter egg profile image check, block if found
  • Follower Bad Tweet checking - last THIRTY tweets checked
  • Unfollow non-followbacks (not followed you back within 7 days)
  • Key phrase search for new websites using your phrases - up to TWENTY websites per day
  • Visit Twitter accounts of website identified by Google key phrase search
  • Retrieve followers list from accounts identified from key phrase searches above
  • Perform follows on follower lists retrieved from searches as above
  • Search & check of ALL your followers for abusive/rude/spammy tweets, blocking any such accounts found
  • Search for dead and dormant accounts and block them


  • As part of the of the Twitter Promotion Service, we can set up a Twitter account for your company if you don't already have one.
  • Or we can, if required, re-style your existing Twitter account to match your website style (optional extra).
  • Twitter is an excellent marketing tool which can boost website traffic enormously - BUT, you HAVE to get involved. You have to be prepared to take 2 minutes each working day to send at least one "tweet" to your twitter account (which you can do from your mobile phone or from a PC/Laptop Twitter application or from a web based application) Tweets can be anything from announcing special offers to "what's on" in your locality. There are many good Twitter clients to help manage your Twitter account - we use and recommend the web based "Hootsuite".

See the proof that our Twitter Promotion Service really works for yourself:

Here are a few of the accounts on our Twitter Promotion Service results (they show real-time follower counters) - the results speak for themselves: