Is your website Responsive?

Things have changed dramatically on the internet in the last few years - when you walk down any street you see people glued to their mobile phone screens - in any bar, cafe or restaurant you see people glued to their tablets. What are they doing? they are using the internet, and these mobile devices now account for over 60% of all searches on Google!


You shouldn't be - gone are the days when a website owner had a "captive" audience who were all tied to their PC's either in their offices or at home. And even better for us in those days, they were all using similar resolution monitors, so designing a page to show well to everyone was a lot easier than it is today as there were only 2 different resolutions to worry about: 800x600 and 1024x768.

Even just 2-3 years ago we all still had that captive audience for our web pages. Around that time however we started to see a massive shift in people getting rid of the desktop PCs altogether and moving over to new Laptops in order to be more mobile, both at home and at work.

But now the next step in the techno-revolution is seeing those same people getting rid of their Laptops and moving to “smart tablets” and “smart phones” instead...

With so many people on the move, and the advance of Social Networks, people now expect the news and services they require to come to them instantly, they no longer expect to have to go to their desktop computer and hunt for it! They expect the results at their fingertips right there and then on their mobile device!

These facts completely change the way we must think about our websites, there are now literally hundreds of different screen resolutions to cater for, with new devices adding even more screen resolutions every week - and apart from making a different website for each resolution (impossible) there is now only one way to serve content to everyone's personal screen in a consistent manner - and that is to make your website "Responsive"...

What does "Responsive" mean?

Responsive Web Design is an approach to web design that crafts websites in a manner that will provide an optimal viewing experience for the visitor, across a wide range of devices (everything from large PC monitors, through Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones).

How does it affect you?

If your website is not "responsive" you could already be losing customers and income to your competitors who have already embraced this technological revolution. If your website looks good on a PC, but looks awful on a mobile phone - that vast army forming the 60% of all search engine traffic will simply skip your site, and your products, and go elsewhere. Can you afford that?

What can you do about it?

First of all you need evaluate your current website. First view it on your PC or Laptop, now view it on your mobile phone (borrow one if you don't have your own) in both portrait and landscape mode. How does it look? Does it look as good as the desktop version in both landscape and portrait mode on the phone? if the answer is yes then you already have a responsive website so the likelihood is that your site is still pretty new and the designer incorporated responsive design during the build, well done! 

But if the answer is no then you need help urgently because you are losing business right now!

CMS Wales can help

We can evaluate your current site and let you know if we can make it responsive - or if that's not possible due to the way it was designed and coded, give you a fixed price quote for a new fully responsive site.

Remember - 60% of ALL web traffic is now using smart phones and tablets - NOT computers - so your website needs to cater for these people if you are to have any chance of selling them your products or services!

Get in touch now for advice or a quote