New Cloud Web Hosting Platform

A few weeks ago we moved our hosting operations from Holland to a completely new web hosting platform based here in the UK.

The brand new UK based CMS Wales hosting platform is a Cloud* based system utlising multiple Data Centres located here in the UK. This technological leap forward has allowed CMS Wales to introduce some amazing improvements to the services that all CMS Wales clients can now expect as standard.

*Cloud hosting is based on the most innovative Cloud computing technologies that allow unlimited number of machines to act as one system. Other hosting solutions (shared or dedicated) - depend on one machine only, while cloud hosting security is guaranteed by many servers so allowing 100% Uptime for your website.

There are 10 major improvements including:

1. Single Sign-On:

For years CMS Wales clients have had to manage their accounts from two separate logins...

  1. One for their Hosting Control Panel (for setting up mailboxes, junk mail filters, viewing visitor statistics etc.).
  2. One for their Client Area (for viewing, printing or paying invoices, or purchasing new/extra services etc.).

But now, at last we have linked them together, so all clients can now avail themselves of a new feature called "Single Sign-On".

This means that now, the only login you need to remember, is for the Client Area at 

Once logged into your Client Area simply click on the Hosting Plan listed under "Your Active Products/Services". On the Plan page you will see details of your Plan, with costs and next due date etc., and at the bottom of the page in the "Domain" section you will see a "Login to Control Panel" button - clicking this button will take you directly into your CP via a secure "tunnel" where you can then setup Mailboxes, Forwarders or Autoresponders, Use the Website Builder, view your Visitor Stats, Manage your Domains and much more besides.

CP - Hosting Control Panel
CP - Hosting Control Panel

2. 10GB Mailboxes

All Mailboxes now allow storage of 10GB of mail by default. Never worry again about running out of server space for your email.

Limits on the number of mailboxes any client can create have also been removed for all packages apart from the new "Starter" and "Personal" packages which are limited to 10 x 10GB mailboxes. All other packages are now allowed Unlimited 10GB Mailboxes as standard.

3. Email Account Setup Info For Mail Programs such as Outlook now available in the CP

Clients using mailboxes often need help with setting up their email clients/apps, especially after buying a new computer, tablet or phone etc., and would often need to phone the office for the details.

But as of right now, if you would like to see the proper mail server settings and port numbers for any specific mailbox you have set up, simply go to your CP, click the "Email Accounts" icon, then in the list of mailboxes shown hover over "Options" and choose "Settings".

You will now be presented with a screen showing the best possible settings for that particular mailbox, whether you use POP or IMAP to manage your email accounts, the correct mail server settings are clearly shown, along with the port numbers for POP, IMAP and SMTP. So no more scrabbling about for the note you made last time you set up a mailbox, no more having to phone the office for the settings - simply view them in your CP and set your mail program/app accordingly.

Find your EMail settings fast!
Find your EMail settings fast!

4. Unlimited Webspace

Web space has always been tightly rationed in the past. But now, for all hosting plans apart from the "Starter" and "Personal" plans, webspace limits have now been removed completely. Most Hosting Plans now allow you Unlimited Webspace. Never again worry about running out of server space as your website grows, or having to buy more space, you can now grow your website as you wish.

5. Website Builder

It has taken over a year to research, test and implement - but at last it is here!

Free Website Builder
Free Website Builder

All hosting accounts apart from "Starter" and "Personal" now have a free Website Builder included by default. The Web Builder also includes some very nice templates to get you off to a great start should you decide to build your own website. It can be found in the CP as an icon named "Web Builder" - there is also a short demo video and numerous "How To" videos included in the system.

Using one of the available templates it is possible to build a multi-page website within minutes, that is then ready for you to customise by replacing the default texts with your own, the default logo with your own, and any/all of the default images with your own. Once you are happy with it you can then launch it on any of your domain names quickly and easily.

Key features

  • Build contemporary, responsive websites quickly and easily
  • Choose from hundreds of easily customisable designs or create your own
  • Publish unlimited pages
  • User-friendly tools and interface
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript are supported if you want to code
  • Built-in help centre with videos and knowledgebase

Simple drag-and-drop design

It’s never been easier to create an inviting, successful website that works seamlessly across all desktop and mobile devices. Our Website Builder has tons of great features that make designing your website quick and easy, such as:

  • Easy subpage creation, including ready-designed content blocks to quickly add content
  • User-friendly file uploader and manager
  • Built-in extension, templates and apps catalogue
  • Built-in templates editor
  • Image editor
  • Hundreds of web-friendly fonts
  • Thousands of customisation possibilities
  • 60+ colour themes, 6 theme layouts, and 6 menu styles per template
  • Custom favicon
  • Free photo library with over 500,000 free professional photos
  • Easy menu creation including support for nested menus

Search Engine Optimisation features

Our Website Builder includes plenty of tools to help your website rise up the search engine rankings, including:

  • SEO friendly links
  • Google Analytics support
  • Google XML sitemap support
  • Google website submission
  • Custom meta tags

Additional functionality

Create a truly custom website with all these extra features included at no extra cost!

  • Built-in search
  • Poll module
  • Live chat module
  • Discussion forum
  • Shopping cart (with PayPal and other gateway support)
  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • Map
  • Photo gallery with optional slideshow and collage modes
  • Restaurant menu/services pricelist
  • Events calendar
  • FAQ module
  • Contact form
  • Easy YouTube video embedding
  • Display RSS feeds from other websites
  • Offer visitors downloadable files, e.g. videos
  • Social media integration – add Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and other buttons
  • ‘Users online’ and visitor counter

Getting started

Simply log in to your control panel, choose ‘Web Builder’ from the available icons to build your website. From here you can access everything you need to build your website.

6. Free SSL Certificates

Free SSL Certificates
Free SSL Certificates

SSL ensures all your web pages are served up as HTTPS instead of HTTP - i.e. rather than

SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer" and is used to encrypt information transferred across the Internet. This encryption protects your information from getting intercepted by unwelcome eavesdroppers (ever wonder who might be sniffing your data on the coffee shop public wifi?) and is enabled through an SSL certificate that allows visitors to navigate a website over a secure connection.

But an SSL certificate can do more than just data encryption, it also serves as a powerful trust signal for your visitors, which can help increase sales, form submissions, or whatever it is you need your website to do.

SSL certificates are indicated in browser windows by "https" and a lock icon in the address bar. These visual cues ensure that visitors are aware of the secured connection. Most visitors to your site will recognize these SSL signals, helping validate that the experience comes from a trusted source.

At the old Data Centre hosting SSL certificates was expensive (£75 a year) so it is wonderful to now be in the position to offer SSL Certicates free of charge to all CMS Wales clients.

7. Cheaper Domain Names

As a domain reseller for the new UK Data Centre, CMS Wales has now reduced the pricing of all domain name purchases or renewals by at least £5.00 with further reductions to come as soon as we reach our first reseller bonus discount level...

8. Easier to buy domain names

When you are logged into your Client Area another new feature is the ability to buy a new domain name right from your Client Area. (At the old Data Centre you would have had to phone or email me and I would then register your new domain at 123-REG and then manually set it up to point to your account. Now you can buy a domain name and the system takes care of the rest. In the Client Area select "Domains/Register a New Domain" from the menu then type in the domain name you would like. The system will then check if it is available, and if it is, you can buy it there and then.

9. 1-Click Installers

1-Click Installers
1-Click Installers

As of now, when you have ANY web hosting package from CMS Wales, you automatically get access to a wide range of one-click install software in your CP. It’s all free to use for both commercial and personal use, meaning you can create outstanding fully-functional websites in minutes at no extra cost.

Our one-clicks cover everything from web stores to social networks, so an impressive site is always just a click away. Below we’ve included an overview of the different types of one-clicks available and a complete list of titles.

CMS (content management systems)
If you want to build any kind of website quickly, a content management system is a solid choice. Not only is it user-friendly, it’s easy to customise.
Our CMS one-clicks include: b2evolution, CMS Made Simple, Craft CMS, concrete5, Drupal, E107, Geeklog, Joomla!, MamboCMS, MediaWiki, MODX, Moodle, Nucleus, OctoberCMS, PHP-Fusion, phpNuke, PliggCMS, Serendipity, SilverStripeCMS, Textpattern, Typo3, and WordPress.

Sell from your own website with one of our fully-fledged ecommerce solutions. Each install will give you a fully customisable online shop with the ability to add unlimited products and categories. Magento is an excellent choice if you want to create a big store, while OpenCart is a solid option if you’re looking for easy but extensive customisation.
Our ecommerce one-clicks include: AbanteCart, AgoraCart, Magento, OpenCart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, TomatoCart and Zen Cart.

Create a photo gallery or add one to your existing website easily with these feature-rich one-click installs.
Our gallery one-clicks include: Coppermine, Piwigo and Zenphoto.

Install your own message boards with features like unlimited posts and replies, private messaging, emojis, theme switching and more. Can’t decide? We recommend trying out phpBB.
Our forum one-clicks include: FluxBB, phpBB, Simple Machines Forum and VanillaForums.

Social Networks
Ever fancied creating your own Facebook? Now you can create your own social network in a click for your group or community. Each solution is packed with features such as editable user profiles, avatars, discussion groups, private messaging and more.
Our social network one-clicks include: BuddyPress, Dolphin and Elgg.

All the visitor and website data you need in one easy-to-use interface. Simply install one of these analytics titles to learn more about who’s accessing your website and how you can better serve their needs.
Our analytics one-clicks include: Open Web Analytics, Piwik and TraceWatch.

We include webmail as standard with all our hosting packages, but if you want to opt for a different client we’ve given you others to choose from.
Our webmail one-clicks include: Roundcube and SquirrelMail.

Business & Project Management
Make invoicing, staff management, and team projects easy with our business one-clicks.
Our business and project management one-clicks include: dotProject, Feng Office, PHProjekt, iQDesk, Simple Invoices and StatusNet.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Manage your customers effectively and ensure great communication and sales with these customer relationship management tools.
Our CRM one-clicks include: phpCOIN, SugarCRM and SuiteCRM.

Live Chat & Ticket Systems
Advise and support your customers with live chat software and support ticket systems that work perfectly straight out of the box.
Our live chat and ticket system one-clicks include: Crafty/Sales Syntax, Help Centre Live, osTicket, phpFreeChat and Trouble Ticket Express.

Marketing & Advertising
Send marketing emails to your subscribers and employ a feature-rich banner advertising system for your website to increase revenue.
Our marketing and advertising one-clicks include: phpList, PHPMailer, Prosper202, and Revive Adserver.

Frameworks & Developer Tools
Prefer to code? Take a look at our bug tracking software and frameworks created especially for developers.
Our framework and developer tool one-clicks include: CakePHP, MantisBT and Slim.

Website Tools
Add additional functionality to your website with surveys, easy to manage FAQ systems, and user-friendly contact form creators.
Our website tool one-clicks include: Form Tools, LimeSurvey, phpFormGenerator, PhpMyFAQ, Tcexam and WebCalendar.

10. Get Paid for Referring Customers to Us

Activate your affiliate account and start earning money today...

We pay commission for every signup that comes via your custom signup link.

We track the visitors you refer to us using cookies, so users you refer don't have to purchase instantly for you to receive your commission. Cookies last for up to 90 days following the initial visit.

To qualify for Affiliate Earnings simply login to your Client Area at and select "Affiliates" from the menu. You will then be presented with your Affiliate page showing your unique Affiliate Link.

There are numerous ways you can use your link to earn commission, such as placing a link on your website under the text "Hosted By CMS Wales" or similar. Or if you wish to refer a friend or colleague simply send email them your link, if they use it to sign up within 90 days you will start receiving commission on all their invoices, for as long as they remain a client.

Your Affiliate page will also show your Affiliate Balance, which you will find suddenly has a £10.00 credit balance! This is a "thank you" from CMS Wales for signing up to the new affiliate system.

When your balance reaches £25.00 or above you may then click "Request Withdrawal" and transfer your earnings over to your client account as credit.


That's it, for now...

CMS Wales hopes you enjoy the benefits of our new hosting platform and the vast improvement it offers over traditional hosting platforms with their Single Point of Failure.

With our load-balanced cloud platform there’s no single point of failure and so no impact on your website’s performance no matter what. All of our hosting is 100% SSD.

You can also monitor our Uptime on our Status Page at: