Never use your laptop on your bed or settee

I know that we all think that because a laptop is portable, that it is ok to use it anywhere - so many people take this to the extreme and use it in bed, or on cushions, settees or carpets.

This presents a major problem, because your laptop needs the air to flow into the vents underneath it in order to keep the chips and circuits within safe operating temperatures.

Check for yourself - turn your laptop over and look at the bottom. You will see it has quite a few vents in the bottom of the case. These are to draw air into the case and must never be blocked or restricted.

The incoming air during normal use passes over the internal components taking away the heat they generate and then passing it out of the exit vents - often on the sides of the laptop.

If you use your laptop on your bed or settee, or carpeted floor the intake vents on the bottom of the laptop can no longer draw in fresh air. This then causes the internal temprature to rise to dangerous levels, which is one of the most common causes of "fried" computer chips.

I have seen many laptops destroyed beyond repair because its owner is in the habit of using the laptop in bed.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you can't use your laptop in bed, on the settee or on a carpeted floor - after all there is no point in having a portable computer if you can't use it where and when you want to...

What I AM saying is that you should get into the habit of using a board of some kind under the laptop in these situations so the air can flow freely.

If you look around the average house there are many items already there that are ideal for this; like the bread board or chopping board from the kitchen, or a large hardback book from the lounge.

If you get into this habit your laptop will last an awful lot longer than if you use it on the bed, settee or carpets - a LOT longer! Because the improved airflow will stop the internal temperature rising to damaging levels.

So go on - have a quick look round the house for something you can use as a "laptop rest" - and get into the habit of using it from now on. It will extend the life of your laptop and thereby save you money.