Is your website failing to make sales?

As a web hosting company we tend to notice web traffic trends, so we know that over the last few years website traffic has now declined by up to 50% on websites belonging to companies depending entirely on Google or other search engines for their traffic and so are not engaging in Social Media.

What happened?

Everything changed, the internet changed, technology changed and people changed, that's what happened...

Let's take CMS Wales' 23 years in the web hosting business as an example of these changes - from 1995 to now in 2018.

Between 1995 and 2018 our gadgets changed:

  • Latops arrived - no longer tied to a desktop computer people could choose where to surf the web - people started selling their PC's.
  • Mobile Phones - no longer tied to a cord, people could choose where to use their phone
  • Tablets - people now starting to sell their laptops and PC's
  • Smart Phones - people now start selling their laptops, PC's and tablets - for many people the phone now does everything they need
  • Social Media - people no longer rely on websites to find what they need - they ask directly on their Social Media and find things even faster

Between 1995 and 2018 the internet changed

Then - 1995

  • In 1995 - Altavista was the leading search engine
  • In 1995 - Google didn't exist!
  • In 1995 - Netscape Navigator was the leading web browser
  • In 1995 - There were only 23,000 websites worldwide, including ours
  • In 1995 - Websites were hand coded in a text editor like Notepad and could show text and images only
  • In 1995 - Internet users were tied to their desktop PC's, so the customer searched for the seller
  • In 1995 - Social Media didn't exist!

Now - 2018

  • In 2018 - Google is now the leading search engine
  • In 2018 - Google Chrome is the leading web browser
  • In 2018 - There are now over 1,330,000,000 websites worldwide
  • In 2018 - Websites are coded in a variety of HTML, PHP, JAVA and CSS code and can display, and play, a huge range of media
  • In 2018 - Internet users are no longer tied to a desk, now business owners search for their customers - a reversal of roles in just 23 years
  • In 2018 - There are now 2.79 billion social media users in the world
  • In 2018 - Facebook has over 2.07 billion active users
  • In 2018 - Instagram has 700 million active users
  • In 2018 - Twitter has 330 million active users
  • In 2018 - LinkedIn has 112.5 million active users
  • In 2018 - Almost 30% of adult internet users use Instagram
  • In 2018 - 40% of mobile usersuse Facebook messenger
  • In 2018 - Social media influences the shopping activities of nearly 25% of online shoppers
  • In 2018 - 30% of online shoppers are willing to buy products via social media sites
  • In 2018 - 53% of emails are now opened on mobile devices
  • In 2018 - 80% of all internet users own a mobile phone
  • In 2018 - 57% of all online traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices
  • In 2018 - 45% of people say they would rather contact a business through social media than email
  • In 2018 - People spend an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes per day on social media

So you see, what has really happened is that your potential customers have changed the way they expect information to be delivered, they expect it through their Social Media channels and so through their mobile devices. So relying only on your website for visitors in this day and age will mean most of the potential customers will never find you, but will find your competitors on social media.

Compare shopping habits between then and now:

In 1995

In 1995 - Shoppers went to their local high streets and local markets to do their main shopping, and so walked past every shop at least once - so just being there with your shop doors open was enough to give you an excellent chance to make sales. (just like having a website in 1995 was enough to get you noticed)

In 2018

In 2018 - The Shopping Centres and "Malls" rule, and now most shoppers go there - in such numbers that many of the high street shops and markets are now closed and have been taken over by charity shops.

What Happened?

Why did the shoppers move?

Because the Shopping Centre offered them a more 'social experience' - and all under one roof.

Now shoppers can go to a "Mall" to get the shopping, but now it has become a big day out and a social event. The whole Mall is wi-fi enabled so people start hooking up with friends to grab the shopping, have a coffee or even a meal, check out some patio furniture, order a new 3-piece suite, stock up on drinks for the weekend, grab that birthday present for Aunty Agnes, meet more friends, have another coffee - it is now a big day out for all. Whatever they need is there, their friends are there and the things they need to buy are there - they are "surrounded" with all they need in the one place, and the place is packed (just like a social media network).

So now you can see why your website is losing visitors, your customers are no longer online searching out websites for the things they need. By relying on just your website and Google for sales, you have completely lost touch with the customers your business needs, and indeed have lost touch with your customer's needs. They have moved on with the new technology and communication networks. Many no longer even have PCs or Laptops. But they all have tablets and phones, and the majority are on several social media networks.

You need to get back in touch with this vast consumer army if you want to keep your conpetitors from taking all your trade. To do so requires you rethink your marketing strategy.

So if you are seeing a decline in website traffic, and so a decline in web sales, no matter how much you tweak your website pages, or how much you pay to people offering quick "SEO Cures" (there is no such thing - don't waste your money), then perhaps it is time you went back to this very basic, and very simple, rule of marketing:

"You need to advertise where your customers are!"

If your customers are now spending most of their time online on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and are clicking through to sites which appear in their social media newsfeeds, then you need your business to be on those networks too, or you will lose your customers to your competitors.

You still need a website - i.e. the place to actually make the sale, ideally an online store or booking system, and fully mobile-friendly (responsive). But to drive this mobile army of customers to your website you will need to develop a Social Media presence, then you can use Social Media to get noticed, engage with potential customers and bring them to your website and start making those sales once more.

Social Media is essential for business

Social media isn’t a fad, it is definitely here to stay - and will get even bigger. As more consumers go to social media for purchasing decisions, companies who create a strong social media presence and branding will increase their sales, while those without active social media campaigns could lose everything, literally.

The power of social media is enormous, it can open new doors for your business when used correctly. The benefits of a good social media presence are measurable, so there is no good reason why you shouldn’t be using Social Media in your marketing efforts.

Social media marketing costs less than traditional marketing

Traditional marketing often requires a hefty budget for printing marketing brochures, leaflets and posters or hiring people to make thousands of phone calls, knock on hundreds of doors, post thousands of leaflets. Many businesses learned quickly that marketing through social media costs a lot less – at least financially.

If you need to reach the most people for the least money, you need to consider using social media marketing.

Social media networking also allows businesses of any size to build a network of loyal customers and keep them informed of your latest products, deals and offers. It can also be used as an excellent customer support system allowing you to answer customer's questions quickly and easily.

How to put it all together?

CMS Wales can help...

Our Promotion Service will get your website and Social Media accounts to work together as a "sales team"

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