No Fresh Website Content = Lost Business!

When was the last time you added new content to your website? If the answer is "ages ago" then your website is "stale" and visitor statistics are most likely dropping.

All too often we see a business have a lovely new website designed and built, only to then see them leave it to stagnate, with no updates after the day it goes live.

Visitors will not return to your website if the content is never updated. In addition, Google now penalises websites that are no longer "active", making those sites a lot more difficult to find in the search results.

This is really bad for business!

There are many ways to keep your website from becoming stale, and keep it up to date and relevant, and gain better results in Google and Bing. Most importantly your website must be updated regularly.

Your site should be updated on at least a weekly basis. This could be by adding Blog/News posts, new pages, new customer testimonials, local news or industry news that is relevant to your industry sector.

Your website is not a brochure or a business card intended to remain static. Your website is more akin to a real member of your sales team, ready to grow and learn and get out there to make sales. But it cannot make the sales if the information you give it is stale.

"But I don't have the time!"

We understand that as a business person you are indeed very busy - but you would find time to speak to your human sales team for their morning "pep talk", or to the newspaper about your latest advertisment, or your printer about your latest brochure or business card, yet your website has the ability to reach much further than your sales team, newspaper adverts or brochures ever could, if you give it the chance...

But you do not have to do all the work yourself...

Updating website content regularly is time consuming, we know because we do it for a living, so we do not dispute that fact. But that is why you’ve got CMS Wales at your beck and call. With one of our Support Plans we can do your updating for you, as often as you wish, whenever you wish. While doing your updates we also make sure the new content is fully search engine optimised for the best results. Updating regularly brings traffic to your website, and improves your position in the search engine listings.

"But what should I add?"

A Blog.
A blog is definitely one of the best tools for attracting visitors to your website, and indeed for making many of those first time visitors become "return visitors". Blogging requires commitment as the posts need to be regular, but the returns for the time and effort involved are huge. If you, or your staff, or your family, can write an article in a concise and easy to read manner, it provides reasons for your visitors to become regular visitors and can then become a communication platform between your business and its potential customers.

Over 80% of businesses rate their company blog as "important", while 25% rate it as “critical” to the business.

Update existing page content.
By this I mean the content the visitor sees on any given page of your website. Read it through - could it be more interesting? more up to date? more helpful? Updating this content regularly shows your visitors that you are aware of their need for getting concise and up to date information quickly, and that you are constantly revising your content in order to be more informative or more helpful to them and so meet your visitors needs.

Press Releases.
If you have press releases and/or marketing events they should be on your website. Have you recently released any new products or services? Then add a new web page with all the relevant information.

Client testimonials and case studies are also ideal content sources to help keep your website content fresh and up to date.

Social Media.
Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook are also a form of content updating. If your website can auto-post its updated content, News or Blog Posts to Social Media for you (ask us if your website doesn't have this ability) this will direct more traffic to your business website while keeping your online presence relevant. Over 70% of marketers have generated leads from social media networks! In addition, Google is now showing social media posts in its search results with the effect that companies that are known to be active on social media now rank higher in search engine results.

To Sum Up.
By regularly adding fresh content to your website you can drive traffic to your site, generate customers and stay relevant in search results.

Our Support Plans not only keep your CMS and its extensions updated and secure for you, but also give you an updating allowance each month so you can get us to do your updates for you each month without incurring invoices for each update as you would without a Support Plan.

When you’re ready to get up to date, get a CMS Wales Support Plan - they start at just £0.96p per day!