Does your website embrace Social Media?

We are now living in an age whereby we are more “connected” than ever before, with everyone (almost) having a smart phone or tablet with them at all times. Young and old alike are now spending less time using the normal internet and now use Social Networks more and more.

So to reach these mobile people, who are all your potential customers, you need to embrace Social Media or lose out to those companies that do.

To this end, a modern CMS has the ability, the moment you press ”submit” when you have just added a new page or product to your website, to also publish it out to your Twitter and Facebook accounts too. When that happens, your Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends, all get instant notification of your new article or product with links to your new article or product page, on their mobile devices, wherever they are.

Gone are the days when everyone accessing the internet was tied to a desktop PC. Back then we had a captive audience for our web pages. Since then however we’ve a massive surge in people getting rid of the desktop PCs and moving to Laptops in order to be more mobile. But now the next step in the techno-revolution is seeing people getting rid of Laptops and moving to “smart tablets” and “smart phones” instead.

With so many people on the move, and the advance of Social Networks, people now expect the news and services they require to come to them, they no longer expect to hunt for it on a computer.

So to interact with this mobile army of consumers, and to get our products to them, webmasters such as myself have had to learn an entire new skillset in order to develop website systems that embrace the Social Media revolution and ensure our new products (and our clients’ products) are able to reach out to the tablet and smart phone users automatically.

So in this day and age every website owner needs to make sure their website provides for this change in the way people use the internet.

This is why all new websites we develop are Social Media aware and capable. Not only auto-publishing new content to the Social Networks, but also allowing those people that still use normal computers (mostly in their office workplaces) to instantly share anything interesting they find when browsing the web, to their own Social Media followers – hence every news item or product should also offer the web surfer a way of sharing your new product or news to their own followers and friends in the Social Network of their choice…


Using this article as an example, if you look below the article you will see a set of Social Network “share” buttons that allows you the visitor to share that article with your own friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

Still using this article as an example, this article is in both my Twitter at and my Facebook at - but I did not put it there – my website did it for me automatically. i.e. I published this article onto th blog of my website, then the system automatically posted it to my Twitter and Facebook pages for me – so I publish in one place (my website) and my news shows up in THREE places automatically) my website, my Twitter and my Facebook).

And this automation happens every time I add any new article to my website. (If I had an online store it would also do the same for every new product I added).

NOTE: Most of your competitors have already embraced both Twitter and Facebook:

Check it out for yourself - go to Google and do a couple of searches on the phrases that mean most to your business - for those listed above you, visit their websites and look for "Follow Us" Social Media buttons - in most cases you will find they are indeed there. This may surprise you, but illustrates my point, with your competitors actively using Facebook and Twitter, and with search engines indexing Facebook and Twitter, your competitors are always going to have more listings and therefore better showing in the search engines than you do - until your website also embraces social media.

So maybe it is time your website joined to Social Media Revolution?

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