Can your website give visitors driving directions to your door from anywhere in the UK?

While websites generally give an address on its Contact Page - have you ever thought about giving your website visitors and potential customers accurate, printable driving directions right to the door of your business premises?

While your site visitors can find your address on your Contact page it would be nice if they could also get a printable route directly from their own location, wherever that is in the UK, right to the door of your business. This facility can make the difference between getting a sale, or the visitor moving on to one of your competitors that does offer this facility.

You have to remember that during the daytime a lot of the visitors to your website are using work place machines during their tea/lunch breaks. As such they are in an enormous hurry. They want information and they want it FAST!

So if they can print out accurate driving directions to your business, right there on your website, you may find that they will be more inclined to visit your shop or factory and so be more inclined to buy your products.

If people want to visit my office I give them not only my address on the contact page, but also an interactive Google route map on my 'About CMS Wales' page here:

About CMS Wales

The visitor can view the map then click on "Get Directions", then type their own location, be it their City, Town, Village, Post Code or Street Address in as their "Starting Point" and get directions right to my door from wherever they wish to start the journey, wherever that may be...

Go to my About CMS Wales page and give it a try. Type in your own location as the starting point. The page will instantly change to show the route on the map, and beside the map will be a printable route guide listing every turn along the way, all the road names and the distance between each turn.

If you then zoom the map in right over my location, and then change the view from "Map" to "Satellite View" you will find that the "pin" is actually stuck right in my premises, and the driving directions will bring you right to the door.

So for me there are no more complicated phone calls trying to describe how to get to my office - because potential clients can literally find my office from anywhere in the UK (or beyond) right there on my website.

If you need more information or would like a quote, please get in touch via our Contact Page or our Twitter Page or our Facebook Page.