Client Area Revamped

Since moving our hosting operations from Holland to the UK in mid-March we have embarked on a constant drive to upgrade and improve our systems and our services.

The last round of upgrades, which announced 10 major improvements for clients, was announced in our "New Cloud Hosting Platform" blog post on the 5th April.

We have today just finished another round of improvements for clients which involved a major revamp of our Client Area and our customer invoices.

The new Client Area is now far more user friendly, fully responsive and makes paying invoices easier than ever.

The changes to the Client Area include:

1. Simplified Login Screen:

The new login screen has been simplified to get rid of distracting clutter and now offers just 3 options:

simplified login screen
  1. Log in - access to your Client Area to view, print, download or pay your invoices.
  2. Request a Password Reset - when you just can't remember your Client Area password, you can reset it here.
  3. Register for a Client Area account (mainly for people that would like to sign up as a CMS Wales *Affiliate).

2. Simplified and fully responsive Client Area

The new Client Area is now fully mobile friendly. You can now easily manage your account, your products, your domains and pay your invoices, all from your mobile phone or tablet.

simplified client area

3. Responsive Invoices

The new responsive invoices mean you can pay an invoice on your mobile phone using just one hand (especially if you have the PayPal App on your phone, then you can pay an invoice with just a couple of screen taps).

invoice demo

We will no longer be sending out PDF invoices by email. Instead, from now on, when you receive notification via email that an invoice has been issued, the email will contain a link to the invoice in your Client Area, following the link and logging in will then display a fully responsive invoice that is easy to read and even easier to pay, on any of your devices. (should you require a PDF copy for your records there is a link to download one just below your responsive invoice).

Our new system means you won't have to be at your computer to refer to the original PDF invoice before you pay your invoice, because now you can view it and pay it anytime, anywhere, from your mobile phone or tablet.

invoice demo

We hope you enjoy this latest round of improvements.

Your Client Area is at 

This concludes the latest round of ongoing improvements to our hosting systems.

Our Affiliates can use their unique affiliate link to refer new clients to us and earn 10% of every hosting invoice they pay, for as long as they remain a CMS Wales client.

When a visitor clicks on an affiliate's link they'll be taken to our site and a cookie is saved to their computer. By default the cookie lasts 3 months. If the visitor places an order within that time period, the affiliate earns commission. This saves them having to click your affiliate link every time they visit - i.e. they can click an affiliate's link to visit our site, decide not to buy just there and then, come back in a few weeks and buy a hosting account and the cookie on their machine ensures the correct affiliate earns their commission.

If you are interested in becoming a CMS Wales Affiliate please sign up at: 

Once signed up you can activate your Affiliate Account from the "Affiliates" menu item.
(If you already have a CMS Wales Client Area Account you do not need to sign up again to become an Affiliate - simply click the "Affiliates" menu item in your Client Area to activate or de-activate your Affiliate Account)