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Knockhundred Translations is a leading UK language service company, providing professional translation, interpreting, transcription and subtitling services in London, throughout the UK, Europe and beyond. Knockhundred offers translation, interpreting and transcription services in over 190 languages.

The Knockhundred team is friendly and efficient, their service unbeatable, their costs competitive. You can trust Knockhundred to deliver quality translations and transcripts, and to get you connected with the best interpreters.

For this project CMS Wales was asked to customise a website template Knockhundred had purchased from a template vendor. 

Once the we finished customising the template and adding in all the standard pages and forms, both CMS Wales and the Knockhundred Translations team set about adding two major sections containing over three thousand pages.

This was a mammoth task...

The Knockhundred team concentrated on adding the 900+ new pages to the "Languages" section here: 

While CMS Wales concentrated on adding the 2,000+ new pages to the "Where We Work" section here: 

CMS Wales also provide Knockhundred Translations with:

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