Trebinshun House

At 7am this morning we launched a brand new multilingual website for our client Trebinshun House. The website is presented in 10 languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Japanese. The website features automatic language switching, so visitors from outside the UK are automatically presented with the website in their own language (provided it is one of the 10 languages installed, else it defaults to English).

Why go Global?

Presenting your company products and services via a multilingual website demonstrates you are thinking about your customers. The bit of extra effort involved on your part (and on the part of your website designer) shows visitors that your company has thought and cared enough about them to offer them your content in their own language. As with all things business, if the customer thinks your company cares about them, then they will be more likely to want to do business with you.

With the growing number of people buying online from all over the world, there really is massive potential to attract them to your business by presenting your website content in their native languages.

It is the search engines lead people to your website. However, in countries such as Japan, China, France, Poland, Russia etc., Google, Yahoo and MSN are not the default search engines of choice for non-English speakers. Instead they use search engines that work in their native languages and so are properly focused on the needs of these users. It is these search engines that are key to your business tapping foreign markets, but unless those search engines have access to a particular language through your multilingual website then you will not be found in those countries.

If your business can benefit from customers all over the world, then a multilingual website is the most cost effective marketing tool your business can have. It gives you the opportunity to acquire new customers from every continent, and gives your business an international look and feel.

There is very strong research evidence that shows web users prefer to browse and search in their native language...

A study by the European Commission in 2011 revealed that 90% of internet users in the EU said that, when given a choice of languages, they always visited a website in their own language, while over 40% would not search for or buy items from sites that were not in their own native language.

Understanding and providing for the needs of your foreign customers before your competitors do can give your business a competetive edge.

Presenting your website in multiple languages shows users from abroad that you care about their needs and preferences. If they can see that your business cares about their preferences then they are more likely want to do business with you.

We all know the competition online is tremendous, but when you "go global" with a multi-language website you can get an massive advantage over your competitors.

For every language you add to your website there is the potential for an increase in sales of up to 100%. So even if you had your website presented in just 4 of the European languages like French, German, Italian and Spanish you could potentially increases your sales by up to 400%.

Search Engine Boost:

Most native search engines that operate in languages other than English will ignore all requests to list your English-only website, limiting your exposure only to those countries where English is the first language, such as the UK and the United States. But once you present your website in multiple languages these search engines will then allow the relevant language section of your website to be listed, allowing you to expand by getting listed in,, etc, etc., as well as the most popular foregin language search engines such as Baidu (the most popular engine in China), Acara (the most popular engine in Japan) and Voila (the most popular engine in France).

In addition to this, big search engines such as Google have the capacity to run searches in foreign languages. By ensuring your website has pages in those languages ensures maximum potential for your site being picked up in those searches.

These search engines are vital to your business. If you wish to tap these potential foreign markets only a multilingual website can help you to achieve it.

Online Stores:

If you currently have, or are considering getting, a website that sells goods or services online, then your business website can benefit hugely from being presented in multiple languages, as well as giving you the opportunity to accept additional payment methods, especially from non-English speaking customers that are based outside of the UK.

How to go Multilingual?

In most cases, developing non-English versions of your website is not as big an undertaking as you might imagine. We have the skills necessary to do the design and create the website for you, and once you have written your website copy in English our friends at Knockhundred Translations can provide you (and us) with translated copy in any of over 190 languages at very competetive prices.

Is your business ready to go global?

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