UK Wall Art

Website: UK Wall Art

UK wall art specialises in vinyl wall art designs. Vinyl decals will change your atmosphere at home completely. By adding some touch to your guest room, bed room even bathroom with our unique designs, treat yourself to a room decorated just for you.

The online store has plans to feature many different designs, to choose from so there will be something for everyone in every room.

Because all wall decals are not created equal, it's very important that you know what separates UK Wall Art's wall decals from the 'other guys'.


UK Wall Art uses only the highest quality vinyl, so it gives a fabulous painted effect. The adhesive vinyl decal is made to be non-permanent, so it sticks until you are ready to take them down. When removed they won't harm your walls or leave any sticky residue behind. These exclusive vinyl decals are designed by UK Wall Art's creative and passionate designer. 

Website: Countryside Discovery

Whether you’re looking for a family holiday in the countryside, a rural weekend escape, or an out-of-season break in beautiful surroundings, Countryside Discovery parks are the perfect places to discover the countryside in peace and tranquility.

Escape to one of 14 different locations throughout England, Scotland and Wales; from rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, mountain views, forest clearings, meadowlands or sat nestled in a valley, our parks have something to offer everyone.

Countryside Discovery parks are inspected to ensure that they offer the peace and tranquility you deserve. The park will be small, less than 150 pitches, away from busy roads and towns, and without the disturbance of noisy entertainment or discos. Countryside Discovery parks can be found throughout England, Scotland and Wales so wherever you’re planning to go, there’ll be a Countryside Discovery park waiting to greet you.


Tall John's House

URL: Tall John's House

The Tall John's House website invites you to stay in their elegant Georgian manor house, located in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Situated in Llangorse Lake Valley and surrounded by some of the best walking country in the UK, Tall John's House is ideal for a romantic break.

Tall John’s House has been shaped by British naval history. The famous Admiral Hamilton used his substantial prize money to create a wonderful Georgian manor house in the late 19th century.

In the 1950s another admiral, Watson, bought the house and it is still in the Watson family’s possession. It now has all the comforts of the 21st century but has kept its character from the past six hundred years.


Joylina was set up in the year 2000 offering healing and readings, and as an information resource on all things spiritual. Over the years, as Joylina has learnt and grown, it has expanded as she continues to share her knowledge and wisdom.

Whether you are interested in learning about angels, healing, spiritual and psychic development or are just curious, browse away. Perhaps you just have questions such as “what is the difference between a psychic and a clairvoyant” or a spirit guide and an angel, or even “how could they help you”? Perhaps you want to know about your “Life’s Purpose” or are interested in having a reading?

Well you have come to the right place.

Joylina believes we are spiritual beings who have chosen to have a physical incarnation as a human being and that our souls’ live on long after this physical body dies. Part of our purpose is to live rich and fulfilling lives now not someday in the future.

Merch Megan Crafts is a new and exciting company whose aim is to present more products to you promoting all things Welsh.

Merch Megan offer a variety of new goods as well as continuing to provide the old favourites, and with the help of Merch Megan herself, bring a taste of her language and culture into Welsh homes.

This is the second multi-language site we have created recently - the other being Trebinshun House (in 10 languages).

Our brief for this site was that first and foremost it had to bilingual - offering both Welsh and English on all pages and on all shop products.

It also needed to be "responsive" (mobile friendly) and easy to navigate. It also needed to have an Online Store for the company's products - with everything in the store being offered in both Welsh and English.

Reception Desk Online

Reception Desk Online Business are a UK company specialising in furniture manufacturer & designer and kitchen furniture manufacturer & designer.

Made to measure furniture and display units for shops, offices and hotels. 

Magic Kitchens Manchester Ltd., trading as Reception Desk Online, are a medium sized company with 11 years experience in providing high quality units and fittings.

They supply direct from their factory warehouse, meaning no middlemen, no expensive sales and a better deal for their clients.

They sell a wide ranges of furniture to suit every room in the home or the office, they manufacture made to measure reception desks, shop counters, dental cabinetry, optical display units and office desks and cabinets.

The British Astrological & Psychic Society (BAPS)

The British Astrological & Psychic Society are Leaders in excellence in the Astrological and Psychic world, offering an active community of support, education and professional standards.

BAPS was founded in 1976 by Russell Grant, and the Society has been the leading organisation for professionals working as Astrologers, Psychics, Mediums, Palmists, Card Readers and other spiritual and esoteric disciplines.

Our brief for this new website was very specific... It had to be fully "responsive" (mobile friendly) and easy to navigate. It also needed to have an Online Store for courses and a Paid Membership System with upgrade options for the members who go on to become BAPS consultants.

At 7am this morning we launched a brand new multilingual website for our client Trebinshun House. The website is presented in 10 languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Japanese. The website features automatic language switching, so visitors from outside the UK are automatically presented with the website in their own language (provided it is one of the 10 languages installed, else it defaults to English).

Why go Global?

Presenting your company products and services via a multilingual website demonstrates you are thinking about your customers. The bit of extra effort involved on your part (and on the part of your website designer) shows visitors that your company has thought and cared enough about them to offer them your content in their own language. As with all things business, if the customer thinks your company cares about them, then they will be more likely to want to do business with you.

With the growing number of people buying online from all over the world, there really is massive potential to attract them to your business by presenting your website content in their native languages.


Your Childcare

Your Childcare

Your Childcare provides Flexible Childcare Solutions around their Parents and Carers requirements, they work in partnership to ensure that every little person and big persons needs are met.

This provides a winning combination all around, all at a very affordable cost.

Your Childcare know that in today’s society the pressure that parents and carers are put under with work and family commitments is immense. Take a look at what they have to offer, if it’s not listed, talk to them, they will do their very best to cater for your needs, after all that’s what they are best at.


Hire an Angel

Hire an Angel

Hire An Angel offers a complete service all under one roof, from Domestic & Commercial cleaning to a complete Home Help Service.

Hire an Angel service packages offer support to estate agents, landlords, homeowners and small businesses.

These include Chauffeuring, Virtual Assistants and Housekeepers to name a few, please take a look at how they can help you.

Our brief for this responsive CMS website was firstly that it must be "responsive" (mobile friendly), have some movement in the background elements and be easy to navigate.



CARAD - Community Arts Rhayader & District

CARAD is an Arts and Heritage organisation based in Rhayader, Mid Wales. CARAD gives people the chance to get involved in creative expression and interpretation, to share skills, experiences and to tell their story.

Experience the rich heritage of the area through oral history, film, photographs and activities.

Our brief for this responsive CMS site was probabably the most specific brief we have ever received, amounting to many dozens of Word document pages with literally every item to go onto the site fully detailed from day one.

Everything down to the actual fonts used and actual sizes of each image was specified in detail.


Carningli House

This week we published a brand new CMS website for Carningli House Bed and Breakfast in Newport, Pembrokeshire.

Our brief for this responsive website was to incorporate the "blue" colour scheme of the owners business cards, integrate their third party Bed and Breakfast Booking system from their old site (which we redesigned to fit with the new design) and make it very easy to navigate.

We also created a Twitter App for the site, which, once installed, enabled the site to be fully be integrated with Twitter so all new Blog articles published on the site by the owners also automatically get posted directly to the Carningli House Twitter page too - all in a single operation.


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