• What do CMS Wales do?

    As a professional Hosting Company of 22 years, we know what it takes to host your web site with confidence:

    1.) Uptime.
    2.) Support.

    And if you ever need it:

    3.) Design skills.

    That's what CMS Wales Offers, at competitive prices.

  • Where are CMS Wales?

    The CMS Wales office is based near Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.

    Despite our remote but beautiful location we design, host and promote websites for companies right across the globe, with clients in Australia, the Middle East, UK, USA, Spain and Portugal.

    Wherever you are based, we can help you.

  • Who are CMS Wales?

    There are three members of the CMS Wales Web Development Team. Each brings their own unique skillset to the mix.

    Together they make a web team that can tackle any size of web project.

    In the panel below you can read about the CMS Wales Team, who they are & what they do.

  • What do CMS Wales do
  • Where are CMS Wales
  • Who are CMS Wales

  • Harry



    Webite Design and SEO
    Website Promotion
    Social Media Integration

    Experience: 22 years
  • Steve



    Network Administration
    Systems Security
    Information Security

    Experience: 22 years
  • Rohit



    Custom Coding
    PHP & MySQL
    Plugin Development

    Experience: 8 years

  • Design

    Case Study: Countryside Discovery

    This new website design was a big challenge. Countryside Discovery is a large group of Caravan, Camping and Holiday Parks around the UK, so each stage of our design had to be previewed and approved by every member park before the next stage could commence.

    Our brief for this website design was that it had to be a testament to the joy of camping in the beautiful locations of member parks throughout the UK, to show the fabulous photos provided to best advantage and also be fully "responsive" (mobile friendly) and very easy to navigate.

    We also created a Twitter App so the site could be integrated with Twitter, enabling all Blog Posts to be automatically posted to the Countryside Discovery Twitter page in a single operation.

    More Info

  • Design

    Case Study: Tall John's House

    Our brief for this new website was that it had to show the beautiful, professionally taken photographs of this wonderful manor house and its local area to best advantage, and also be fully "responsive" (mobile friendly) and easy to navigate.

    We also created a Twitter App so the site could be integrated with Twitter, so all Blog Posts are also automatically posted directly to the Tall John's House Twitter page in a single operation.

    You can follow Tall John's House on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/TallJohnsHouse

    More Info

  • Design

    Case Study: Merch Megan

    Our brief for this site was that it had to bilingual, offering Welsh and English on all pages and on all shop products, with Welsh as the default language.

    It also needed to have an Online Store for the company's products - with everything in the store being offered in both Welsh and English.

    We will be training the site owner in the use of the CMS adminstration system shortly as they have epxressed a desire to do the updates to the site and online store themselves

    More Info

  • Design

    Case Study: Trebinshun

    Our brief for this site was very specific... It had to be fully "responsive" (mobile friendly), easy to navigate & provide all content in 10 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian and Japanese.

    We also created Twitter and Facebook Apps so all News articles get automatically posted directly to the Trebinshun House Twitter and Facebook pages in a single operation.

    Trebinshun House subscribes to a CMS Wales Support Plan so we do all the website updates for them.

    More Info

  • Case Study: Countryside Discovery
  • Case Study: Tall John's House
  • Case Study: Merch Megan
  • Case Study: Trebinshun
  • Testimonial: Tall Johns House

    Tall Johns House
    "Working with CMS Wales is a real joy! Not only have we had great feedback from our clients, many of whom know a great deal about website design, but they are happy to give us lots of ongoing advice on how to make the most of our internet presence. CMS Wales are always ready to help and give advice and no problem is too insignificant or trivial to attract their very prompt attention. I can recommend CMS Wales without reservation."

    Liza Watson // Tall Johns House

  • Testimonial: Disserth Caravan Park

    Disserth Caravan Park
    "After several attempts with different website companies we were lucky to find Harry of CMS Wales, who simply leaves you feeling you are his priority customer. Updates are prompt and queries are readily dealt with even those computer issues that have nothing to do with the website. Simply a first class service."

    Mike Hobbs // Disserth Caravan Park

  • Testimonial: Trebinshun House

    Trebinshun House
    "We have had nothing but praise from our clients, many of whom know a great deal about website design. CMS Wales are always ready to help and give advice and no problem is too insignificant or trivial to attract their attention. I can recommend CMS Wales without reservation."

    Liza Watson // Trebinshun House

  • Testimonial: CARAD

    "CMS Wales could not have been more helpful. This was especially important because we had a very clear idea of what we wanted as a brand identity for Rhayader Museum and Gallery but didn't have the technical inside knowledge that would enable us to maximise our web presence. By working together with CMS Wales we have a site that we are very pleased with."

    Liz Pugh // CARAD

  • Testimonial: Knockhundred Translations

    Knockhundred Translations
    "We use CMS Wales' website design and build services, plus their (bullet-proof) hosting, their SEO and Twitter promotion services, and have had them set up and manage dedicated servers for a large video transcription project as well. Under all circumstances, the service has been impeccable - fast, reliable and informative."

    Glyn Evans // Knockhundred Translations

  • Testimonial: Joylina.com

    Joylina Goodings
    "Moving my website to CMS Wales was a really good decision and I look forward to many more happy years working with them. They make it all so easy. Not only fast efficient service but most reasonably priced too."

    Joylina Goodings // Joylina.com

  • Testimonial: Tyre Protector

    Tyre Protector
    "My International business depends entirely on its web presence to develop new markets and generate sales. It is vitally important that my Webmaster is able to react and respond to my wishes in a timely and efficient manner. CMS Wales have been my Webmaster for over 8 years. The service they provide is second to none and I would have no hesitation recommending CMS Wales to others."

    Paul Butterworth // Tyre Protector International

  • Testimonial: Sychpant Barn

    Sychpant Barn
    "I cannot rate CMS Wales highly enough. The service has been outstanding and they are always there for us when we have a problem. CMS Wales has managed in a short space of time to understand our web needs and is very proactive at coming up with new ideas and solutions. Our webpage is a real delight and easy to use thanks entirely to CMS Wales !! I cannot thank them enough for everything they do!"

    Susanne Phillips // Sychpant Barn

  • Testimonial: Trewern Arms

    Trewern Arms
    "Nothing and I mean nothing is too much trouble for CMS Wales, the after thought and commitment, plus the service is always there, not like some Companies which once they have your money they mysteriously disappear. "

    Vicki Jones // Trewern Arms

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